5 RV Enthusiast Resources You Need Now

Posted: August 11, 2022 

As an RV enthusiast, you likely have a lot of favorite tools and resources that you use while out on the road. There are the absolute must-haves, like your GPS system or Google Maps (or, if you’re old-school, the paper option) and, of course, all the gear you need to ensure your RV is safe on the road and then ready to set up camp whenever you get to your destination.

But are you missing out on any resources that could be making your RVing experience easier than ever? Here are a few apps, websites and other handy tool that you need now.

The RV Life App

If you’re finding that your average GPS system or favorite routing app just doesn’t cut it when you’re driving your Class A motorhome across the country, then you might want to consider switching to the RV Life app. Created by RVers, for RVers, it’s a revolutionary tool that helps you find a route to your destination that will actually work for your motorhome. That means no more running into low clearances, bridge weight limits, propane-restricted tunnels, steep mountain passes or other obstacles that can make your route either more difficult or just plain unpassable. 

My RV Resource

If you’re a newer RVer and aren’t sure where exactly to find the right RV service pros to help you when it comes to things like towing, storage and necessary repairs, My RV Resource is your place to find those professionals in your area. Even if you’re not a new RVer and you already have your favorite service providers at home, My RV Resource can help you find service pros wherever you are on the road, so you’re not left googling for help on the side of the road after an untimely breakdown. The site even allows you to request a quote and then leave reviews after the fact.  

RV Trip Wizard

If you have dreams of planning your best RV road trip yet, but you always struggle a bit to put together the perfect itinerary, RV Trip Wizard can help. The handy tool will help you plan out your route, showing you campgrounds, gas stations, points of interest and other insight. As you pick and choose what you want to do and see, as well as where you want to stay, you can access reviews from other RVers. Input your motorhome’s weight and height to see any potential obstacles on your path. The tool will even help you add up your travel budget, as it calculates costs for things like gas and campground fees.

The iExit App

This particular app is great for anyone taking a road trip, no matter their wheels, but it’s specifically good for RVers who are traveling in a new, unfamiliar area. The app, which is available both on the App Store and on Google Play, will show you what exact amenities are located at highway exits along your route. So, if you’re craving your favorite fast-food breakfast, or you need to give the motorhome a quick wash, you can search the app for the next exit you need to take.


If you’re always up for camping somewhere new, consider downloading the Campendium app from the Apple App Store. The camping tools helps you search through tens of thousands of camping spots, from luxury motorhome resorts to free camping spots. The app gives you extra details, too, that you won’t find elsewhere, such as info on whether or not you can expect cell phone service at a campsite. 

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