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Posted: January 2, 2023 

Is a Tesla Semi Motorhome in Your Future? What to Know About the New Concept

Regardless of your opinions of Tesla or even Elon Musk, you’ve got to admit that taking the self-driving capabilities of Tesla vehicles and applying them to the RV industry, for self-driving motorhomes, would be pretty amazing. 

Just imagine it. Pick where you want to go and all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch the scenery roll by. No more difficult maneuvers or sketchy situations where you, the driver, are trying to make your way through spots that just maybe aren't ideal for a Class A motorhome. 

Well, the dream of a self-driving motorhome is a little closer to becoming reality, thanks to a new concept released by a startup, that shows just how the Tesla Semi could be transformed into the tech-friendly motorhome of your dreams. Here’s what you need to know. 

Tesla’s semi sparks inspiration. 

In December, Tesla released specifications for its Tesla Semi. Not long after, PepsiCo announced that it would begin using the electric Tesla Semis in 2023, to transport deliveries to stores around the country. Other brands and companies that are planning to use Tesla Semis in the future include Sysco Corp and UPS. 

This announcement piqued the interest of the folks at Jowua, a brand that creates Tesla accessories. The team decided to put together a concept for what exactly the Tesla Semi could do for the average consumer, beyond just ensuring their chips and soda get to the grocery store. The result? The Tesla Semi Motorhome. 

The motorhome of the future?

So how did Jowua trick out their semi-based, Tesla-powered motorhome? You can take a look at all the concept imagery on the brand’s Twitter page. Essentially, though, the sleek, all-black motorhome features the bones of a Tesla Semi, but with all the comforts, convenience and tech that Tesla fans enjoy in their personal-use vehicles. 

Fans loved the concept on social media, saying things like, “I will buy a Tesla RV instead of a house” and “RVs are usually made by third parties using a base model like Mercedes, Ford vehicles, etc. With … Tesla’s semi battery, [the] things they can do is insane.” 

The actual Tesla Semi can tow up to 81,000 pounds for 500 miles with a singular charge, according to Interesting Engineering, which estimates that a Tesla Semi RV could likewise travel 600 miles without needing to recharge. 

Electrek further points out that, if this RV concept were to become a thing, drivers could use the same battery that powers the motorhome on the road, for all their living needs, with no emissions, running totally off solar power and battery charge-ups every evening. They compared other, electric motorhomes on the market or in development at the moment, and noticed that others just can’t stand up to Tesla’s range. As an example, the publication pointed to Winnebago, which offers a full-size electric motorhome, but its full charge only takes you just over a hundred miles — a far cry from 500. 

Would you buy a self-driving, all-electric motorhome?

Would you want to buy one of these Tesla Semi motorhomes, if you ever had the opportunity? Let us know why or why not! info@motorhometires.com

What to Know About Motorhome Recalls

You've likely dealt with recalls on a vehicle that you've owned at some point in your life and, just like your average car or truck might be called in for an issue, so can your motorhome. 

Should you be worried if your motorhome manufacturer issues a recall? How soon do you need to take care of the problem? Is this worth worrying about at all?

Here’s what you need to know. 

How do I know if there’s been a recall for my motorhome?

If your RV has been recalled for any part or piece, you may receive information directly from the manufacturer. However, you can also find motorhome recall information online, such as at recalls.gov, nhtsa.gov and rvsafety.com. All of these sites list pertinent recall information that can help you determine if your particular motorhome, model, make and year has experienced any issues. 

Motorhome recalls can be issued for all sorts of components of your motorhome, from the tires to the lighting and beyond. 

What do I do about a motorhome recall?

So let’s say you've discovered or been told that a recall has been issued for your motorhome. What do you do now?

The official recall document will typically include suggested remedy steps. This information will let you know what you need to do, who can repair the issue, if you’ll need to pay for the issues, etcetera. Look to that official document first, before you take any next steps.

Do note that you should take any and all recalls seriously. Just because you haven't personally experienced any issues with your motorhome (yet), that doesn't mean that your motorhome isn’t “really” impacted by the recall. If the recall applies to your make, model and year, you need to get the issue addressed as soon as possible.

How long do motorhome recall fixes take?

This is one of the more frustrating bits. Depending on a range of factors, including the type of fix necessary, the parts needed and how many motorhomes are impacted, it can take quite a while for motorhome recall fixes to be completed. Sometimes, you'll have to wait multiple months.

The good news? Not all recall fixes require you to stop using your motorhome completely. Depending on the nature of the recall, you may be able to schedule your fix now, for the future, and continue using your motorhome in the meantime. 

What if I have a used motorhome?

If you have a used motorhome, then you’ll need to do a little extra leg work to find out about any recalls, as the manufacturer won't be contacting you directly, as they might otherwise. Keep up to date on any major motorhome recalls that might impact you by keeping an eye on motorhome news, as well as by looking at the above websites. While you may not be able to get the motorhome’s recall issue fixed for free, since you're not the original owner, you'll still want to get the issue remedied. 

Better than doing all the above? Check for motorhome recalls impacting a used RV you’re considering buying, before you actually buy it. 

Stay safe on the road by taking motorhome recalls seriously.

While it can be easy to brush off motorhome recalls as non-issues, especially if you've not personally experienced any problems while using your motorhome, it’s still important to keep yourself, your family and the other drivers on the road safe, by dealing with motorhome recalls as they arise. 

Staying informed and staying on top of your motorhome maintenance will make your motorhome experience all the more enjoyable. 

4 Celebrity Motorhomes You Have to See

When you think of celebrity travel, you probably imagine jetting around the world in private planes, not cruising around in a motorhome. However, when some celebrities need to get around on four (or, well, more) wheels, they invest in some seriously luxurious RVs. 

Here are just a few you have to see to believe. Get ready for some major RV envy. 

1. Mariah Carey’s “Skyscraper on Wheels”

Mariah Carey is known for her luxurious, diva-esque taste and that same taste applies to her motorhome, which has been dubbed the “Skyscraper on Wheels.” Just check out the photos. This $1.8 million rig features two floors and three levels; 1,200 square feet of living space; a lounge; full kitchen; nightclub area; $4,000 Kangen Water machine; a $7,000 couch; multiple tons of marble and stone; and more. 

2. Will Smith’s “The Heat” motorhome

But Mariah Carey isn't the only celebrity to boast a motorhome that gets its own name. Will Smith has one, too, dubbed “The Heat.” This humongous motorhome likewise offers two lounges; a makeup station for when Smith is shooting on location; a $25,000 bathroom; an office; 1,200 square feet of living space; $200,000 granite countertops; $30,000 in leather couches; $125,000 in tech; more than a dozen televisions; and more. 

3. Justin Bieber's glamping motorhome

One celebrity who does actually camp, or at least “glamp," in their motorhome? Justin Bieber. The millennial celebrity owns a Prevost Marathon coach and, over the pandemic, reportedly took it out for a spin, visiting national parks. While we can guess that Justin Bieber probably upgraded his motorhome a bit, it’s still nice to see a celebrity traveling around in a motorhome, and in a fashion, that’s more accessible to the average person — which is what makes this celebrity RV worth a look.

4. Jamie Foxx’s two-story motorhome

Jamie Foxx has a motorhome more similar to those that host Will Smith and Mariah Carey. With two stories, this Anderson Mobile Estates custom RV setup includes a recording studio, custom velvet couch and custom Grey Goose bar, but, overall, has a bit more of a sleek and elegant look than some of the other celeb motorhomes you'll see. 

But the coolest part of this motorhome? Jamie Foxx doesn't own it anymore. He only used it for shooting Off Script. Afterward, the motorhome was reverted back to Anderson Mobile Estates — which means, if you're so inclined, you can rent it for your next trip. 

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