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Posted: February 3, 2023 

Motorhome Tires Customer Q&A: Find out why we’re now Tony’s go-to for tires!

We always love talking to Motorhome Tires customers about not just their experiences working with us, but also their passion for the RV lifestyle, favorite spots to set up camp and top tips for newbie RV-ers. We recently met Tony Pariso at the Tampa RV Super Show and we couldn’t wait to share his experience with you, too. 

Keep reading to find out why Motorhome Tires is now Tony’s “go-to” company, where he loves to travel and his best advice if you’re shopping for a new RV (and also find out how you could be featured in a similar Motorhome Tires customer highlight Q&A!).

What's been your experience with Motorhome Tires? Why did you choose to work with Motorhome Tires?

We were at a Freightliner rally and I had the opportunity to speak with a Michelin representative regarding the tire they recommended for our RV. Since I was replacing our steer tires, I wanted the best tire available. The representative warned me they might [be hard]t to find due to supply train issues. I literally contacted every tire dealer in our area, and none were able to get the desired tires. 

By chance, I was on the AIM website and saw that Motorhome Tires was a sponsor. I called, anticipating one more negative response and was pleasantly surprised to hear they could get the tires! 

Still somewhat skeptical, I placed my order anticipating a long wait even though the Motorhome Tire representative assured me I’d be contacted regarding delivery by the end of the week. To my delight, I received a call Friday of the same week telling me a local installer had received my tires and was ready to schedule installation. Better yet, the installer was my preferred tire dealer who had been unable to get my desired tires. 

At 8 a.m. the following Monday, the installer arrived at my home, removed the front tires from my rig, took them to his shop for computer balancing, returned and installed them all in about an hour. My buddy and I sat in my garage drinking coffee through the whole process. When we checked the manufacture date on the new tires, they were less than seven months old, well within Motorhome Tires’ guarantee. 

I couldn’t be more pleased with the service I received. In fact, unless I am in an area Motorhome Tires doesn’t service, Motorhome Tires will be my go-to company for tires for as long as I own an RV!

Where's your homebase? 

We live in The Gardens, a community with homes that have garages that can accommodate Class A RVs with their slides open, in Crossville, Tennessee.

What got you into RV-ing?

Our youngest son is career military and is reassigned every three years. He and his wife decided to full-time RV when they became empty nesters. Our oldest son and other relatives all lived in the Southeast, so we decided to try RV-ing since we thought that would be a great way to visit family and see the country.

Who do you typically travel with? 

Depending on the destination, my wife and I may travel as a couple or with friends from The Gardens RV community.

What’s your favorite thing about RV-ing?

We love being totally self-contained and having the ability to go “home” when we are traveling. 

Where’s your favorite place to take your RV?

We've been fortunate to travel extensively and RV-ing is a welcome change from airports, planes and hotels. We’ve been all over the Lower 48, but our favorite trip was the Alcan Highway to Alaska. Locally, the state parks and COE parks in Tennessee are hard to beat.

Where do you plan to travel next? 

Our next big trip will be a month-long tour of the Canadian Maritime Provinces.

Any favorite RV moments or memories?

We've enjoyed so many great moments RV-ing it's difficult to pick a favorite. The Alcan Highway was a highlight, but sitting around a fire with friends or visiting national parks like Yellowstone are hard to beat. Being retired and having the ability to pick a place we've never visited and being able to jump in the RV and go is as good as it gets.

Any tips for new RV-ers?

The smartest move we made was to rent an RV for our first trip. That helped us to decide this was something we wanted to do. I'd also recommend watching the various TV programs on RV-ing and even going to RV shows before purchasing a unit.

Do you want to be featured in an upcoming Motorhome Tires customer Q&A? Send us an email at info@motorhometires

 Here are the RVIA's Latest Predictions for RVing in 2023

Planning some big RV trips for this year? You’re not alone. Throughout each year, the RV Industry Association (RVIA) surveys RV-ers and Americans to learn about their current RV-ing habits and, most recently, in January, the association found that nearly 40% of all American leisure travelers plan to take an RV trip in 2023 — that’s more than 65 million people!

Of course, as the RVIA noted, there are a lot of reasons for this growing popularity. Over the last few years, we’ve seen RV-ing preferred as mostly an alternative to other modes of travel that were less desirable during the pandemic (think crowded hotels or airports), but now leisure travelers are recognizing the many other benefits that come with RVing. The RVIA survey’s cited reasons for leisure travelers choosing to RV in 2023 included the ability to work remotely from an RV and the cost savings that come with RV travel — both reasons that make sense given the changing landscape of work and the economic state of the country. The RVIA reported that “on average, RV vacations cost 50% less than comparable hotel and plane ride trips and a third less than hotel and car ride trips.”

In a continuing trend, younger travelers are more and more interested in RV-ing, something we’ve seen a lot of in past years. The survey found that nearly half of leisure Generation Z and Millennial travelers plan to take an RV trip this year. 

Additionally, the survey learned that 50% of those travelers who’d already taken at least one RV trip in the last 12 months now planned to buy their own, or a new, RV in the next year. This, RVIA noted, is about a 15% increase over last year.

So — what do you think? Are you glad that more travelers are discovering the joy of the RV lifestyle, especially younger generations? Or are you worried about what increasing interest in RV-ing means for your favorite RV parks, RV manufacturing and RV maintenance? Are crowds and wait times at the top of your list of worries? 

Let us know! Send us an email at info@motorhometires and you may be featured in an upcoming issue of the Motorhome Tires newsletter. 

Working from the Road? 3 Tips for Turning Your RV into an Office

If you’re one of the many people who started working remotely in 2020, and still are, you may be wondering how to start working from the road while in your RV. After all, why wait for those few weeks of vacation you get per year to travel, when you could do it while working wherever you go, whenever you’re needed? 

If this is a thought you’ve been mulling over for a while now, you aren’t alone. In the RV Industry Association (RVIA)’s latest RV travel survey, the organization found that a good portion of the travelers who planned to take an RV trip in 2023 were doing so specifically because RV-ing allows them to work while traveling. 

So how do you go about turning your home on wheels into the perfect home office? Here are three tips.

Create a mobile office space.

Space is at a premium in most motorhomes. For this reason, rather than permanently taking over the RV dining table with all your work gear, consider creating a “mobile office” that you can pull out and use whenever you need it, and then store away when you’re using your RV space as it was originally intended. 

So what would this mobile office look like? Essentially, you want to compile all your necessary equipment — laptop, charger, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse if you use them, office supplies, etcetera — into one organized and easy-to-transport container. While you can purchase a specific organizer for this, if you’re hitting the road soon and don’t have time for a trip to the store, you can always just use a laptop bag or briefcase. 

The point is to have everything you need to do your job, in one organized and contained place, and then keep it there unless you’re actively working. If everything’s contained, you can move everything you need, as needed. When it’s time to clock in for the day, you can simply pull out your mobile office and get to work right at your RV’s table, at the picnic table outside, or wherever you want, and have everything right on hand. Then, at the end of the day, pack it all away. 

Consider healthy working habits.

While you may have an ergonomic desk chair at the office or at home, and you may have adjusted the lighting just right to avoid screen glare, and you’ve picked the perfect home office spot that overlooks the backyard, you probably won’t have all these luxuries in your RV. Still, that doesn’t mean you should abandon all healthy working habits and those choices that make your work environment most conducive to productivity.

Choose to work in a space with comfortable seating rather than just take the easy option and work from bed. Find a spot where the light will be most comfortable and the least jarring when working for hours at a time. If you’re not working outside, give yourself frequent breaks to go take a walk around the RV park or just to have a coffee in the fresh air. Your body and mind will both thank you for not making it work for eight hours straight in a cramped environment.

Communicate with both your work and home teams.

But for your best chance at a successful RV trip that includes working from the road, you’ll need to communicate — with everyone. 

Communicate with your fellow RV-ers about how often you plan on working, when and where, and how that will impact the travel schedule. You may need to set boundaries around quiet time, so you can get work done with the least number of disturbances.

Communicate similarly with your office team about where you’ll be and how that might impact your workflow. Discuss with them your plans for a reliable internet connection and how you anticipate your travel fitting into your work schedule. The more comfortable they are with the situation, the better, and the less stress you’ll feel, too.  

What about you?

Have you ever worked remotely from your RV? How did you like it? Any tips for other RV-ers considering doing the same? Let us know! Send us an email at info@motorhometires and you may be featured in an upcoming issue of the Motorhome Tires newsletter.  

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