How Old is Too Old for the RV Lifestyle?

Posted: August 11, 2022 

For many motorhome owners, the chance to really live the RV lifestyle doesn’t come until they’re a little more advanced in age. It might be just a matter of time, and needing to wait until the kids are out of the house and you’re closer to retirement before you can properly hit the road, or it might even be a matter of money, and you needed to wait until those college funds and weddings were paid for before you really invested in something for yourself. Whatever the case may be, now you’re face to face with the senior discount era of your life and itching to get out in your Class A motorhome. 

But is there a certain age that’s just too old for the RV lifestyle?

The Short Answer…

The short answer is no! We’ve seen RVers well into their 90s hitting the road and loving the RV life. However, traveling in your older age does come with a few new hurdles and considerations. Regardless of how robust your health or how active you like to be, you’ll want to take a few precautions to ensure your RVing experience is as enjoyable as it can be. 

The Long Answer…

So, what can you do to make RVing more comfortable and accessible? Here are a few quick RVing tips for seniors.

- Don’t skimp on the luxury.

Now’s not the time for you to scale back for no reason at all, or just because you want to be frugal. If your budget allows for a little extra luxury, go ahead and take it. You’ll find that if you go with a more comfortable, larger motorhome, you’ll have a more comfortable stay, no matter where you go. And don’t you deserve all that comfort and convenience? No one wants to rough it in their golden years!

- Find your community.

One of the biggest benefits of taking up a popular, social hobby like RVing? It comes with a built-in community of fellow RVers! You can easily find a community of other senior motorhome enthusiasts, either by joining an RVing organization or association, or by simply searching Facebook for RV enthusiast groups near you. Finding your place within these communities can help you better ease into the RV lifestyle, as you swap tips and tricks, and you may even find other seniors that you want to travel with in the near future.

- Consider your health.

While, for many seniors, health won’t be an impediment when it comes to RVing, it’s still important to consider your health-related routines as you think about your next RV trip. For example, are you going to need extra medication in advance, because you won’t be in town to fill your prescription when you run out next? Do you have upcoming routine doctor check-ups that you can’t miss? 

Talk to your physician ahead of time about your travel plans — especially if you plan on being gone for a long period of time, such as if you’re snow-birding and going to be out of town for an entire season — and see if they can offer virtual check-ins and maybe help you take care of any needed medications or forward your prescription to a pharmacy in your destination. 

- Take it slow and enjoy the ride.

Lastly, wherever you plan on going, take it slow and enjoy the ride. Don’t feel like you need to rush from destination to destination. Take things easy, allow for a lot of flexibility in your itinerary and relax. You’ve earned it!

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