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Posted: October 7, 2022 

Motorhome Trends to Watch For in 2023

Every year brings new and exciting changes to the RV industry, both on the consumer side and the supplier side. That’s especially true recently, with the increased consumer demand coinciding with the Covid-19 pandemic — a demand that's somewhat slowing as things get back to a "new normal,” but that still isn't really going anywhere overall.

In terms of exciting changes and evolution, 2023 is no different. Here’s what you can expect as we look forward to the upcoming year.

Lessened RV Demand

If you’ve found yourself somewhat annoyed as you’ve been shopping for a new motorhome and been unable to find the exact make and model you want, or if your RV-ing season has been delayed as you’ve waited for a repair part to come in for your motorhome, then you may be glad to know that RV demand is expected to lessen in 2023. While this decease won’t be dramatic and there will still be tons of new RV-ers on the road, the decrease does come with some benefits.According to the RV Industry Association’s 2023 forecast, the organization expects there to be a 16% decline in the total RV shipments for 2023, compared to 2022. This decline in demand, the association says, might be attributed to economic factors such as inflation and high interest rates — but if you’re in the market for an RV, this might be exactly what you want to hear, as prices at the dealership could go down and you may have a broader pick of motorhomes.

New Models from Your Favorite Brands

As you shop for that motorhome, you’ll notice new offerings from favorite brands, many of which have unveiled 2023 lines that are newly suited to match the lifestyles of today’s travelers.

For example, the new Fleetwood RV Frontier GTX 37RT for 2023 will include an office space that’s designed to allow you to more conveniently take your work on the road, with all the tech and privacy you might need. So, if you’ve been struggling to work remotely while also RV-ing your way across the country, this might be the new motorhome for you.

Newmar likewise unveiled all-new 2023 Essex, Dutch Star and Bay Star models. These models offer new decor options, but also handy features that modern travelers really need, beyond even the working spaces delivered by the Fleetwood model above. For example, the new Dutch Star offers Apple CarPlay and an optional lithium-ion battery system and the new Essex offers push button baggage doors and a standard lithium-ion battery system.

New Trends to Cater to New Travelers

If you paid careful attention to the Newmar and Fleetwood offerings above, then you may have noticed how those offerings intersect with the recent increased demand for motorhomes. We know that younger travelers are becoming more and more interested in RV-ing and buying RVs, and those younger travelers come with a few things — often jobs (this isn’t just the retired set seeing the world in their RVs anymore), an affinity for tech and a staunch concern for the environment. As such, you’ll see more and more RV makers and even RV parks adjusting their offerings to cater to these younger travelers and their needs.

Even if you’re not among the younger set, though, you’ll still find that some of these amenities can be of great benefit. Even if you don’t need an RV office, you may still find that work space handy for Zooming with the grandkids. That new tech comes in handy, too, whether you want to stream your favorite tunes throughout your RV or seamlessly connect all of your devices for greater ease of use (and no more calling your son to help you fix whatever tech woes you may have come across). And, of course, we can all probably get behind more environmentally friendly and sustainable travel.

What Trends are You Most Looking Forward To?

What do you hope to see in 2023 from your favorite RV manufacturers, RV parks and fellow RV-ers? Let us know!

5 Things You Should Remove From Your RV Before Winter

Getting your RV ready for winter? You probably know to drain your water system and cover up your motorhome to protect it from the harsh winter temperatures, but are you leaving items in your RV that could potentially cause damage (or just plain annoyance) come spring?

Here are 5 things to remove from your RV before winter.

1. Anything That Will Freeze (And We Mean Anything)

You know that leaving water in your RV’s pipes over winter is a recipe for disaster, but have you really given some thought to other items throughout your RV that might freeze? Pull those extra bottles of water and cans of soda from the basement and take them inside. Look for liquid and even semi-liquid toiletries in the bathroom and just use that extra toothpaste over the holidays. You don't need to keep it for next year. Peek in the cabinets to make sure you’ve removed all liquid cleaners, too.

2. Food

While not all food will freeze over winter, food may attract critters into your RV and no one wants that. Even if you’ve parked your RV in an indoor, winter motorhome storage provider facility, that doesn’t mean your motorhome is safe from some of the most resilient rodents. Pack away all those extra snacks and emergency food and take it with you before you lock up the RV for a few months.

(Also, make sure it’s not just human food that you remove. Pet food and even bird food can likewise attract rodents).

3. Paper Products

But anyone who’s ever had a mouse as a house guest will tell you that it's not just food that these hardy critters like. They’ll also chew into, and nest in, all sorts of paper products. So, grab your stockpile of toilet paper and paper towels and store it all at home until the spring.

4. Batteries

Some motorhome owners will remove the main battery from their RV if they expect particularly  frigid temperatures that could deplete said battery over the winter. However, if you really want to be thorough, you might want to remove the other batteries from your RV, too, like the batteries in the smoke alarms, etcetera.

5. The Television

Lastly, while you might assume it’s safe to leave your television on the wall over winter, if you get particularly cold days in your neck of the woods (we’re talking sub-zero temperatures), then you’ll want to remove the television from your RV and store it in your home. The severe temperatures can affect the television’s internal mechanisms, causing some unexpected damage if you’re not careful.

But What Can You Leave in Your RV Over Winter?

While there are some things you’ll definitely want to remove from your motorhome over the winter months, there are other things that you can safely leave behind.

Propane can safely stay in your RV during all seasons, as it’s not impacted by changing or severe temperatures in most cases. Any non-fabric items such as cookware and decor can be left; some motorhome owners leave fabric items like bedding, pillows and even clothing in their RVs over the winter, which, while not damaging, may sometimes result in must and mold that requires extra cleaning and washing in the spring.

What are Your Top Winterizing Tips?

Do you have tried-and-true winterizing and RV winter prep tips? Share them with us and they may be featured in an upcoming newsletter!

New RV Parks to Check Out Across the Country

Scenery with camping of RV caravan trailers near Bohinj Lake in Slovenia. Nature and camper motorhomes in Slovenija. View of motor home van and green forest. Landscape in summer. Alpine Alps mountains

Always looking for somewhere new to stay during your RV adventures? Make tracks for one of these new RV parks that have recently opened up around the country.

The Margarita-Ready Option: Camp Margaritaville RV Resort & Cabana Cabins

If you’re a fan of all things Margaritaville and have stayed your fair share of nights at Jimmy Buffet’s line of resorts by the same name, then you’ve got to check out this new-for-2022 RV resort in Auburndale, Florida.

Situated south of Orlando, the resort offers nearly 200 RV sites, but about a dozen of those sites are considered “super premium,” for extra luxury. The RV park features multiple restaurants, just like a resort, and food trucks occasionally visit. You’re also within walking distance of off-site restaurants. There are two heated swimming pool, golf car rentals, free WiFi, a putting course, tiki bar and more.

The Family-Friendly Option: Splash RV Resort and Water Park

This RV resort and water park is just the place to bring the grandkids, with its near-beach location in Florida and family-friendly amenities. You’ll find nighty and monthly RV site rentals, as well as luxury cottages and even conestoga wagons for rent. There are two heated pools (one is adults-only!), water slides, a lazy river, RV storage, golf car rentals, pickle ball courts, a dog park and more. The new park is also planning to offer a beer garden, tiki bar and three on-site food trucks in the near future.

The Luxury Option: Bay Point Landing

Across the country, you’ll find Bay Point Landing on the Oregon coast. While this resort isn't as new as the above two, having opened in 2020, it is still worth a visit if you’ve yet to stop by. The hip and Scandinavian-inspired resort offers modern, sleek cabins, Airstream rentals and RV spots. The amenities are top-notch and include a heated saltwater pool, Peloton-equipped fitness center, kids’ center, lounge, bocce ball court and on-site food truck.

The One with Lots to Do: Gulf Shores RV Resort

The newest RV resort in popular Gulf Shores, this resort will keep you plenty busy with lots of amenities designed to fuel your waterfront adventures. On-site, you can take advantage of the hiking and walking trails, pool, pickle ball court, dog park, hot tub, volleyball court and lawn games. However, if you want to have fun elsewhere, the RV park will equip you with a bike rental. The resort even offers a fish-cleaning station so you can go out on the water, catch some fish, bring it back, clean it up and then grill your seafood feast right at your RV site.

Who Did We Miss?

Do you know of other, great, new RV parks that your fellow motorhome enthusiasts should know about? Then tell us about them, and we may just feature them in an upcoming newsletter!

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