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Celebrating Halloween on the road

Posted: October 1, 2020 

Don’t let not having a front porch or big yard to decorate stop you from getting into the Halloween spirit. Motorhome News is here to help you pull off the most epic campsite Halloween ever by helping you plan the perfect Truck-Or-Treat! First things first, make sure you talk with your campsite or RV park manager and confirm that there are no rules against organized events such as this one. Heck, management may even help you plan it or even allow you to use the welcoming office as a home base for the evening. Once you know you’re not impeding on any camp policies, the fun begins!! Pick a date and time for your Truck-Or-Treat. Don’t worry if actual Halloween night

isn’t in the cards, you can pick a time the week before! People are sure to already be in the Halloween spirit. Now that you have a time picked out, spread the word to get everyone involved. Have everyone who wants to participate decorate their car or coach with whatever Halloween decorations they like. Some could be spooky, some can be silly, others could be downright scary. If you have a particularly involved group, you could even plan out the campsite ahead of time to tell a whole story, with each stop giving the kids the next few lines. Here’s an article with some not-so-scary “Scary” Stories:

“Scary” Stories

And finally, make sure everyone has plenty of treats to hand out. Candy is the obvious go to….you really can’t go wrong with that one. But just in case you want to think outside the coffin, here’s some other ideas to make your site stand out.

  • Costume Accessories – such as plastic vampire teeth or cat ears
  • Temporary Stick-On Tattoos
  • Glow Sticks
  • Bubbles
  • Bouncy Balls

And hey, don’t forget about the adults! I’m sure they would greatly appreciate some to-go coffee….or maybe something a little stronger…..

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