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Frank, Kelly and Lennon House- Lady Lake Florida

Posted: October 1, 2020 

We started years ago camping in tents. After numerous rain wash outs and flat air mattresses, we decided to upgrade. We finally worked our way up to a Class C, then a Class A gas rig and our current RV a 40’ Winnebago Class A Diesel Push-er. We have children and grandchildren scattered from Las Vegas to Iowa and back down to North Carolina. Our RVs have made visiting the kids more of an adventure than just travel for travel’s sake.

We do a lot of camping in and around central Florida and the Pan Handle. We love to camp on the beach. Kelly’s son Lennon is special needs and lives at home with us. Ever since Lennon was small he has always wished we could stay in a campground forever. We try to make that wish come true as often as possible.

Kelly works for a local Insurance Agency and I am recently retired. Many times when we camp somewhat close to home, Lennon our dog Dakoda and I will head out to the campground earlier in the week and Kelly joins us on Friday night. That way he and I get as much camping in as possible.

Every time Kelly and I jump into the bed of our RV when camping we both look at each other and say: “This sure beats a tent!”

Frank and Kelly, we love your story! It sounds like you guys are living the epitome of what camping life should be. Safe travels to you all forever more – thank you for your business and for your kind & adventurous spirits!

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