Rick & Pam Smith

Posted: October 1, 2020 

We have been boating all of our lives, but got into sailing about 15 years ago in San Diego. We have sailed the coast of California, to include Catalina Island, and all the way to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. But then we bought an RV. “Elbie” for Land Boat, is her name. Our sailboat is aptly name “SmithZonian”. We are “Zonies” (Arizonans) We have had her for two years now. She has given us opportunity for see the other side of earth. The “dry side”. She dragged us and towed our Jeep to Sedona, AZ to see the trails in some of the most beautiful county in the US. We just got back from participating in the 2020

“Vegas to Reno” off road endurance race. Everyone else was in hotels. We took the RV to a park and fed the whole crew! Can’t do that in a hotel room! “Elbie” takes us everywhere, and with her big diesel, she just goes and goes. All the comforts of home. So much better than a hotel. Not cheaper but just the freedom to camp in your home where you want! She drags our side by side to wonderful locations so we can do the tough trails all day and then come back to a nice camp for a sundowner and visit with whatever friends we have made that day. Can’t wait to see where she takes us next. Heck somedays, we just pack a lunch and go for a drive in her. Just for the day! Just being outdoors makes us happy, and we love to share it with our boating and camping friends. Whether boating, camping, or exploring, or playing with the grandbaby, we realize we are blessed. Next on the horizon, Moab, Zion, Lake Tahoe.  

And our beloved Catalina Island! On the boat of course. We tend to live by the time honored motto that some pilot friends of mine and I came up with during the Gulf War. “Seize the Day!”

You two were a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process – and in the many phone calls we had your passion for adventure was evident! Rick, thank you for your service. And thank you both for sharing your Youtube channel with us all, so we can continue following your beautiful journey together!

AND they DO have their own youtube channel – HOW FUN!!

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