Workout tip for the road from a Navy Seal

Posted: January 31, 2021 

When you think Navy SEALS, you think strength. Both mental and physical. And although it takes YEARS to harness the strength of a SEAL, there are so many things you can do daily to keep your-self healthy and active while traveling.

Our number one suggestion…walking! It’s low impact and a great activity for all ages! It’s so easy to make excuses while traveling to not keep your body active. By mixing in a new hiking trail or walking a few laps around the RV Resort, you’re soaking up some vitamin D and getting those endorphins pumping.

That combination makes for an amazing day!

“The only easy day was yesterday”

Code of the Navy SEALS

If walking isn’t enough movement for you, utilize your coach! The front door steps make for a perfect place to do step-ups. The middle isle way is a great space for walking lunges. You can even add some heavy items (or rocks to a bag or backpack as additional weight for the exercise. And resistance bands are the ideal option for travel equipment.

These bands can be stored almost any-where on the coach, and can be utilized to train both upper and lower body! Our very own Director of Logistics and Social Media, Devon Butrum, spends her free time as a Certified Personal Trainer and we want to share some of her knowledge with you.

Devon Butrum
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