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Posted: February 26, 2021 

There are lots of clubs and organizations out there for RVers, but possibly none are as beneficial — and downright fun — as AIM Club. Short for All Inclusive Motorhome Club, AIM provides motorized RV enthusiasts with rally events throughout the year, a community of 7,500 like-minded members and tons of great deals from AIM partners and sponsors (like Motorhome Tires). And the best part is, a membership is only $34.95 per year. 

Chuck Lasley, director at AIM Club, explains: “The RV industry is used to having these small rallies where small groups come together for potluck dinners and they’ll have maybe an educational element, or maybe not — maybe it’s just getting together and making new friends. We take that up a couple notches. When you join AIM for $34.95 a year, you get the key to the door of tons of fun rallies, where we take care of everything. You pay one fee and then we take care of all your overnight camping, all your food, all your excursions, all your education, all your happy hours — everything’s included with your stay.”

With more retirees and near-retirement couples than ever interested in the RV lifestyle over the last year, AIM’s events have become more popular as well. While the organization was forced to cancel a few events last year, near the start of the pandemic, 2021’s events are already selling out and Chuck and team have created additional events to accommodate growing event waitlists. 

Of course, hosting RV rallies during the pandemic comes with a few precautions. Whereas AIM events once included buffets, now, meals are served table-side. Guests are permitted to wear masks as much or as little as they want and hand sanitizer is abundantly available. “We’re taking what available precautions there are to help keep everybody safe,” Chuck says. 

One of the perks of Chuck’s job as club director is attending all of the AIM rallies. When asked what some of his favorite parts of the events are, he says, “There are two elements. There’s the educational part of it, where we bring in experts and educate attendees on their coaches, such as a particular coach piece, like your heating system or your tires, in the case of Motorhome Tires. The other element is probably our evening entertainment. We always provide really good meals and really good entertainment with happy hours included. People are there to have fun and it’s equally fun to see them having a great time — that’s what we’re known for!”

But when RVers sign up for AIM Club, they not only enjoy access to these fun events. They also get great benefits from AIM Club sponsors, such as Motorhome Tires, Coach-Net, National Indoor RV Centers and Overland Insurance. You can even get discounts on a new tow car! 

However, while the membership more than pays for itself through discounts and deals, Chuck says it’s the relationships and camaraderie the club facilitates that really make AIM special. 

“I had a couple say they bought an RV thinking that it would really enhance their marriage and the time they had together in their retirement, but it didn’t. The coach just sat there,” he says. “And then they bought their coach from National Indoor, which gets them an AIM Club membership for their first year of ownership and the couple said that, once they had their membership and attended one of their rallies, it felt like their marriage was saved. Now they haven’t missed a rally. They’ve made so many new friends and have learned so much about the industry and lifestyle, and about their coach. They really have become part of a bigger family.” 

Learn more about AIM Club at or call, toll-free, 844 659 7955. And be sure to check out the video below for more! 

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