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RVing Across Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail

Posted: February 26, 2021 

For any traveler who loves a smooth glass of Kentucky bourbon, there’s no greater destination than the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. This itinerary takes you to nearly 20 distilleries across the Bluegrass State, so you can sip and sample your way through some of the country’s best whiskey. If you’re visiting the region via RV, though, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.  

Where are the Best Spots to Park My RV When Visiting the Kentucky Bourbon Trail?

whiskey pouring window display
Credit: Kentucky Tourism

You likely don’t want to be driving your RV from distillery to distillery. On one hand, not all of the distilleries can handle larger rigs and, on the other, if you’re visiting multiple distilleries in an afternoon, you might not really want to be operating large machinery. 

Luckily, there are many great spots to set up basecamp within short drives of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and additionally many services to ferry you safely between stops, including to and from your RV.

Kentucky Horse Park State Park is one consideration, with its RV-friendly amenities. There’s nothing rustic about this park, but it does put you within walking distance of Kentucky’s International Museum of the Horse, as well as within driving distance of four popular distilleries, including Four Roses, Wild Turkey, Woodford and Townbranch.

Distillery Kentucky
Photo Credit: Kentucky Tourism

My Old Kentucky Home State Park is another good pick that’s a little more rustic in feel, and it puts you right near Bardstown, both a charming little small town and a popular starting point for Kentucky Bourbon Trail travelers. You’ll easily be able to hop between the Heaven Hill distillery, Makers Mark, Bardstown Brewing Company and Red Roses Bourbon. 

Of course, no exploration of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail is complete without a stop in Louisville for a visit to the Frazier Museum and Kentucky Bourbon Trail Welcome Center. The center sits right on what’s known as Whiskey Row, where you can visit four distilleries on one street: Richter’s Fort Nelson, Evan Williams, Old Forester and Angel’s Envy. If you decide to visit Louisville, My Old Kentucky Home State Park is still just an hour’s drive away, but other options include the Louisville South KOA and Charlestown State Park (which is actually just across the river in Indiana). 

whiskey row
Photo Credit: Kentucky Tourism

Safe Ways to Get Around the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

You can, of course, self-drive your way around the Kentucky Bourbon Trail stops, if you’re careful to keep an eye on your consumption. In some of the more populated areas of the trail (like around Louisville), Uber and Lyft are both options. However, many visitors choose to upgrade their experience by hiring trail-specific transportation. Providers like the Kentucky Bourbon Boys drop you off and pick you up at your desired location, take you around to three distilleries of your choice and even make a stop for lunch. Mint Julep Experiences offers similar tours. 

More Than a Trail — It’s an Experience

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail is so much more than just a smattering of distilleries across a state. It’s an experience, taking you across Kentucky culture and history just as it takes you across the state’s rolling green hills and horse pastures. 

KEntucky Distillery
Photo Credit: Kentucky Tourism

If you’ve yet to experience this piece of the state, what are you waiting for? With the wealth of options for RV travelers in the region, there’s no reason not to add this stop to your next trip. 

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