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Customer Highlight: Debra and Bob Walker

Posted: May 11, 2021 

We know Motor Home Tires has some of the best clients around — adventurous explorers who are always ready to hit the road with their RV and see the top sights and sounds across the United States. You can always rely on a Motor Home Tires customer to provide the best tips for places to go and spots to see. We recently got to know a few of our customers, Debra and Bob Walker, just a little bit better, and they shared a few favorite spots that we may just need to pack up and see for ourselves.

USS Inheritance

Motor Home Tires: Where’s your favorite place to travel?

Debra and Bob: The West Coast!

Motor Home Tires: And where do you plan on traveling next?

Debra and Bob: Nevada, California, Washington… Possibly Canada.

Motor Home Tires: What’s your favorite travel memory?

Debra and Bob: The first trip after we bought the RV. We went to Kingman and Bullhead City, Arizona, and Laughlin, Nevada. To surprise Bob for his birthday, all our kids and families came to Laughlin. 

Motor Home Tires: What got you into RV-ing in the first place?

Debra and Bob: We just decided one day that this is what we wanted to do after I retired (my husband had already been retired since 2006).

Motor Home Tires: So why do you love RV-ing?

Debra and Bob: We love to travel, the outdoors and the comfort of an RV versus a hotel. And meeting new people.

Motor Home Tires: Have you named your motorhome? And, if so, what did you name it?

Debra and Bob: The Inheritance — We’re spending our kids’ inheritance!

Motor Home Tires: Do you prefer to travel with family and friends, or to fly solo?

Debra and Bob: We’ve only traveled by ourselves and then we meet up with family or friends.

Motor Home Tires: What’s your favorite meal to eat or cook on the road?

Debra and Bob: Anything on the barbecue is best!

Motor Home Tires: What’s your favorite quote or life slogan?

Debra and Bob: Live for today, because tomorrow may not come. 

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