7 Handy RV Gadgets and Accessories You Need This Summer

Posted: July 8, 2021 

Sure, your Class A RV could be completely decked out with all the bells, whistles and latest tech, but what about those little gadgets and accessories that make your time on the road all that easier and more enjoyable? Check out these 7 handy pieces of RV gear that you need to buy ahead of your next trip. 

1. An alternative to your normal campfire  

If you're not such a fan of campfires (after all, they do come with a fair amount of smoke and a pretty pungent aroma) or if you’re out of firewood, or even if you’re camping somewhere that's not traditional fire-friendly, you’re going to want this alternative to your normal campfire. This portable propane gas fire pit is 19 inches wide and 11 inches tall and hooks directly in to your propane line. Portable and mess-free, it’s an instant campfire without all the downsides. 

2. A better way to get around

Think you can get around the country just fine, using your phone’s GPS, or even the built-in GPS that came standard with your RV? While these can both take you around to some of the top travel spots throughout the United States with relative ease, they both lack in one big area — getting you wherever you need to go via the best route for your Class A RV. After all, Class A RVs aren’t exactly small and they can’t always go the normal route that’s suitable for your tow vehicle. This is where an RV-specific GPS comes in handy, like the Garmin RV 780.

This little GPS navigator sits right on your dash. Just plug in your RVs weight and length and then it suggests the best route accordingly. It also offers warnings for potential hazards, such as sharp curves and steep grades. 

3. More connectivity, wherever you are

WiFi is a standard amenity at most RV resorts, but you may find that your RV resort’s WiFi isn’t as great as it could be. If you’re having trouble scrolling through Facebook, FaceTiming the kids or streaming your favorite shows, you may want to invest in a WiFi booster, which gives you a better signal, no matter where you are. 

4. A ban on bugs

No matter how luxurious your rig, no matter how nice your resort, there’s one thing you just can't avoid when RVing, and that’s bugs. But don’t feel like you have to slather yourself in bug spray to keep the insects at bay. This Thermacell rechargeable mosquito repeller is scent-free and lasts 40 hours before you have to recharge it. Just set it out in your RV site and enjoy no more mosquitos or other bugs, within a 20-foot radius. 

5. Your favorite tunes on the go

Enjoy some of your favorite tunes while sitting around the campfire or while enjoying your RV site’s water views. This high-quality Bluetooth speaker is a great option, streaming music straight from your phone and providing a clear quality, without being so loud that it’s annoying to the neighbors. The speaker is small and lightweight, for easy portability, and it’s even water- and dust-resistant, making it ideal for use in the great outdoors. 

6. A better kind of cooler

You probably already have a Yeti cooler or two, but if you're looking to upgrade, consider this powered cooler. Powered via a rechargeable battery or solar panel, this cooler is on the pricey side, at over $1,000, but you get what you pay for. The rugged design makes it ideal for outdoor use, and you can control the temperature all from your phone. It can even fit up to 83 cans of your favorite beverage.

7. An upgrade for your outdoor kitchen

Cooking from your RV site typically includes a lot of grilling, but not anymore. This portable pizza oven is fast, efficient and cooks via a wood flame-esque method that brings the heat up to more than 900 degrees Fahrenheit. You get wood fired pizza right from your campsite, no actual wood required. Plus, it also cooks just about anything else you can fit inside, from your favorite cut of meat to some fresh veggies. 

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